Citizens Charter


“To plan and support development projects in the North Eastern states, promote research and innovation and provide strategic policy vision for the Region.”


1. Preparation of integrated and holistic regional perspective plans to achieve specific short-term and long-term objectives, by taking into account the aspirations, needs and sensitivities of the people of the region.
2. Identifying the strengths of the region and focusing on the opportunities for accelerating the pace of socio-economic development in the NER through participatory planning and implementation.
3. Synergizing and building convergence in the efforts of Central/State Governments/ other stakeholders for balanced development of the region.
4. Evolving a coordinated common approach for all agencies working for the development, public order and security in the region.
5. Evolving and aiding in the formulation of innovative and appropriate policies and strategies suited for the region for its all round rapid development.

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