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RFID Tag Count BT Mobile App

RFID Tag Count BT Mobile App Description & Privacy Policy


An Android mobile application for counting tagged books in the library where the RFID Handheld Reader is used to scan the library shelves of tagged books. Then the mobile handset which is interfaced/paired with the handheld RFID Reader through Bluetooth displays the read tags and the count (no. of tags/books read). The unique tag IDs read are also recorded in a SQLite Database in the mobile handset. The application is generic in nature and can in fact be used to count anything provided the items have been tagged using RFID Technology.

Additional Requirements: 1. Android mobile handset with bluetooth 2. RFID handheld reader with bluetooth interface 3. RFID tags 

Additional Remarks: Application is has been tested and implemented using RFID Reader from FEIG GmbH model no. IBID PRH101B (ISO 15693 13.56 MHz) along with ISO 15693/ISO 18000-3 RFID tags.

Click here to download RFID Tag Count BT from Mobile Seva AppStore

Click here to download RFID Tag Count BT from Google PlayStore

Privacy Policy

This app only works in conjunction with a Bluetooth-enabled handheld  RFID tag reader and the communication range is limited to 30 feet only. The app does not make any phone calls and does not access contacts on the phone. It is only meant to count RFID-tagged items, nothing more.

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