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Renewable Resources of Energy

The Renewable Resources of Energy (RRE) programme was taken up in the NEC Secretariat during the year 1982 for promoting RRE utilization in all the NE States of the region. Under RRE programme, many schemes have been funded by the NEC since 1982. Majority of these schemes are implemented by the State nodal agencies and some, by NGOs and other agencies.

NEC is playing a very crucial and catalytic role in creating awareness about the utilization of vast potential of Renewable Resources of Energy (RRE) in the North Eastern Region. Schemes encompassing various forms of RRE such as Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaic, Biogas, Micro hydel, Biomass, Wind, Energy Parks, RRE Exhibition Van etc., have been funded since 1982. These schemes are located in the seven States of the region and these schemes have benefited a large number of remote villages. During the last five years, the NEC is giving thrust on the funding of schemes concerning (a) utilization of solar and micro hydel energy resources (b) involvement of reputed and reliable NGOs for implementation of schemes and (c) creating awareness amongst all sections of the society about the potential for utilization of RRE through Energy Parks, RE exhibition Vans, etc. All these schemes are pilot and catalytic in nature in one way or the other. Employment generation and income generation through the schemes are invariably stressed while sanctioning the schemes.

More than 300 remote villages have been benefited by providing SPV electrification/ Micro hydel, Solar Cooker, Biogas Plants, Integrated Rural Energy Programme, SPV Water Pumping, SPV Water Purifier etc., and about 50 Nos of various establishments like Charitable Homes, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Churches, NIC Dist. Head Quarters have also been benefited by different RRE devices. In addition to the above, a large number of training programmes, exhibitions, Energy Parks, evaluation studies have also been taken up.

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