ऑनलाइन स्वीकृति और प्रतिबंध सूचना प्रणाली (ओएसीस)

Online Approvals and Sanctions Information System Mobile Version.

OASIS is an acronym for Online Approvals and Sanctions Information System.

It is an application to disseminate information about the Administrative Approvals, Sanctions and Releases of the various schemes and projects of the North Eastern Council (NEC).

OASIS Mobile is the mobile counterpart of the web application of: www.shillong.nic.in.

Version 2.0 is now available for Android, Windows Phone and PC (Desktop)Platforms. Please download the same from the link provided below.

It is a native cross-platform enterprise mobile application with versions for Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 6.x, Windows Phone 7.x/8.x and PC (Desktop) Version. The main objective of this application is to empower the users by delivering enterprise information to their mobile devices. Now, they need not have to own a PC/Laptop or always be connected. It is an attempt to provide information-on-the-go! Latest information can be retrieved when the mobile device is connected to the mobile network. The information so retrieved can optionally be saved to the device, facilitating access even when the device is offline. The kind of information that is being disseminated through this mobile app is different from that which is being done through the web-based counterpart mentioned above. The focus here is to deliver information that is more relevant and pertinent to the stakeholders, e.g. Implementing Agencies and NEC Managers rather than more generalised information that is already being delivered through the web version.

Amazon AppStore here.

P.S. OASIS Mobile bagged the Winner's trophy at eNorthEast 2016 in the Mobiles for Services Delivery category on 26-Feb-2016. Details at eNorthEast.in.