Irrigation, Flood Control and Water Shed Management

The topographical and the geographical location of the North Eastern Region (NER) is unique in the sense that the hydro-meteorological situation has made it one of the highest rainfall zones in the world with an average annual rainfall of 2000 mm. This region also has a dense network of drainage channels with as many as seven (7) river basins being situated in this region itself. The region, as such, is very rich in water resources. But this has never before been tapped or utilized or conserved properly. As a result, the need for better and more irrigation facilities in the region is being felt increasingly. Water resources should be utilized and tapped properly for irrigation, generation of hydro power and watershed management. On the other hand, the adverse effects of torrential rains like erosion and flood should also be minimized, especially in this region which is regularly ravaged by the menaces of flood and erosion. Necessary infrastructural facilities in this regard also need to be created by the State Governments in the region. Capacity building is also required in this field for efficient and effective water management programmes in this region. The NEC makes its own contributions in this important field by providing financial resources and gives priority to inter State projects subject to, of course, within its overall budget constraint. Under the IFC & WSM sector of the NEC, schemes are submitted by various NE State Governments and the Central Government organizations during the Plan period.