North-East Resource Centre (NERCEN)

The North-East Resource Centre (NERCEN) has been officially established by the North-Eastern Council, under the esteemed guidance of the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, to adapt to the evolving global and domestic landscape and realize the comprehensive vision for transformation. NERCEN is envisioned as a body that will act as a catalyst for the development of India's North - East region by facilitating the creation of the right mix of opportunities, manpower, technology, sector-focused growth and providing a strategic policy vision for the region.

The centre has been mandated with the task of establishing Centres of Excellence across different workstreams such as Technology Acceleration, Skill & Competency, Policy & Planning, Research & Monitoring ,Data & Analytics and Regional Documentation & Information Centre. The Centre of Excellence shall cover major sector such as Agriculture - allied, Tourism, Education, Health, Science & Technology, Sports, etc.

NERCEN shall enable the imbibing of good governance and adoption of best practices for development across important sectors in the region. The resource centre may enable the states and the implementing agencies to properly plan and execute projects, promote research and innovations, and provide strategic policy vision for the region.