An important aim of the NER Vision 2020 is to achieve a high level of human development. Raising the quality of education and health is as much a goal in itself as it is a means to enrich the quality of life for people, and expand their choices in life. An important aspect of human development is that of building capacities of the population, through raising the quality of, and access to, health and education. A development strategy based on the resources of the region will occur simultaneously with the emergence of a group of strong, indigenous entrepreneurs, which, in turn, shall call for enhancement in the skill levels of the region. Capacity development is as important for marketing private institutions as it is for Government institutions. Most of the economic activities in the region are Government-dependent and, as very high proportions of the resources of the States in the region come from central assistance, development has remained dependent on the fund made available by the Central Government. The promotion of markets and institutions to disseminate information on prices of products is extremely important. Small industries dominate the industrial scenario in the NER and, so, special efforts need to be made for their expansion and growth. Thus, capacity building occupies a strategic position for the overall development of the region for which the NEC extends support to the NE states.